When in nature, I contently look down and search for the small bits of nature that are quietly in residence around me. When painting plants, the process feels like a relationship that I am having with my subject; the more I open up to the plant the more it trusts and the more it shows me who it is. I work to capture it's variety of textures, delicate structures, subtle color changes and to honor the personality that it expresses. I find the biology of plants amazing and their small details both intriguing and challenging to paint. I hope that my paintings bring the viewer into it's world a bit and that they can enjoy some of the beauty that I see in the world. 

My paintings are done using the traditional English botanical watercolor technique. I apply many layers of transparent washes and then, with a very small brush and with a dry brush technique I continue to build up the colors and forms. It is a slow and meticulous process; and even a small painting can take many hours to complete.


                                                                                       I hope you enjoy my work





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