When in nature, I am continually looking down for small bits of nature that are quietly in residence around me; bark, stones, lichen, leaves; plant material of all kinds. When painting, the process becomes a relationship between myself and my subject. The more I open up to the subject the more trust, happens and the more I see what is really in front of me. The more my attention is pulled into the subject, the more I personality I see and feel. I try to capture, as best that I can, the variety of textures, delicate structures, subtle color changes and to honor the personality that I feel from my subject. I find the biological systems of plants amazing and the relationship to their environment and pollinators intriguing. 

My paintings are done using the traditional English botanical watercolor technique. I apply layers of transparent washes and then, with a very small brush and with a dry brush technique I continue to build up the colors, values and forms. It is a slow and meticulous process; and even a small painting takes many hours to complete.


                    I hope that my paintings bring the viewer into a world that they may have never stopped to notice before.