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I have always been drawn to plant material of all kinds. The biological systems of plants, how they function and the inter-relationships they have to other plant life, the environment and pollinators is fascinating to me. When on a walk I find myself continually looking down for small bits of nature quietly in residence around me. While working on a painting, the relationship between myself and my subject builds as I work my way through the delicate structures, subtle color changes and variety of textures that I find. Hopefully, fully honoring the personality of the subject in the end.   

My paintings are done using the traditional English botanical watercolor technique. I apply layers of transparent washes and then, with a very small brush and with a dry brush technique I continue to build up the color, value and form. It's a slow and meticulous process; and even a small painting takes many hours before it is completed. I also work in graphite, water-soluble graphite and colored pencil. My first choice of substrate is Kelmscott Vellum (a coated manuscript vellum). The surface is very demanding of respect and a delicate hand, it forces me to slow down and make clear decisions as I work. 






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